New Year’s Hair Resolution

In 2010 I made a New Year’s Resolution. 

Most people I know of make resolutions to lose weight, join a gym or start a new career.  My New Year’s Resolution was to grow my hair.  My hair as you can see in the photo below was so thin you could see through it!  It was so dry and crispy that it would crunch when I touched it.  It tangled constantly and I had to dye it dark brown every month to keep the colour from leaching out of my hair shaft, lightening to a shade of red I did not want (I am naturally dark brown) and the ends would go a nasty shade of yellow.

It was dry and brittle and growing nowhere.

fried dry hair

My Hair December 2010
Dry & Brittle

I hated my hair.

Before making my ‘resolution’, I had been trying to grow my hair for over a decade but it would never get much longer than it is in the above photo.  It was at this pictured length that I ALWAYS had to cut it, mainly because the damaged ends were just snapping off or the tell tale sign of hundreds of split ends were too much for me to bear to look at.  I was also too embarrassed to wear it in a ponytail because it looked so terrible.  My ponytail circumference, was to say the least, pathetic.

Now, after two years of intensive care, I have the hair I want. 

I now accept that my hair has a natural wave and no longer use a straightener.  I have not touched a box of chemical hair dye since Dec 2010 (but I do use Henndigo to cover my grays).  So far in that 2year period I have cut off over 20cm of growth but have still managed to gain length.

I noticed a significant difference in the healthy and texture of my hair within 3 months.  You can’t ‘fix’ dry brittle ends but you can take care of them and like me, grow it & pamper it back to health, see the results in my photo below.

Christmas 2012 Hair
My Hair December 2012
Soft, Healthy & my Natural Wave is back

Now my hair is soft, like silk and doesn’t knot or tangle, like it did before, and it grows rather than the ends constantly snapping off.
As an added bonus, there are no more hair balls following me around on the kitchen floor tiles or broken pieces of hair on the bathroom sink when I comb.  I diligently take my vitamins, oil my hair every night and ‘stick to’ my healthy hair diet (I lost 5kg too).

I still have some more damaged ends to trim off but am happy to say I should be at my hair goal by July 2013.

I am starting to love my hair again

I also wrote a book that includes everything I did to get my hair Lush Longer and Healthier


Hair December 2010