I began my hair loss research when my hair started falling out like crazy over a peroid of several years. 

I have literally been trying to grow my hair long since I was 15.  A hairdresser ‘friend’ had cut my waist length hair to my shoulders when I turned 12. This was the start of my hair journey. We all have one. Mine encompassed bleaching, dying, perming, a vegetarian diet, bleaching again, straightening and more chemical dying. I have tortured my hair in the name of beauty for over two decades. Until now.

In January 2011, I started a new chapter in my hair journey. I have put into practise the things I have learnt and documented the journey with photos (see my monthly posts). The internet has allowed me to source and trial many ideas to assist my hair in growing back to it’s former glorious beauty.

During my journey  I have partaken in the online polls, stalked the forums, chatted in chatrooms and scoured the web. I’ve spoken with, emailed and met many other women with stories similar to mine. Desperate to regrow their hair and confused as to how to grow a mane of long healthy hair. The results of my research I have complied into my book The Lush Long Hair Care Guide. Take a read and watch the results ♥·٠•●●•٠˙